About InnovationCouch


What is InnovationCouch?

InnovationCouch, a subsidiary of Rootnotion, in short is an archive of all the innovative minds and companies that we have had the fortune of encountering and affiliating with in order to bring you up to date information on.

The primary focus is simple, to deliver to you the recent developments of the innovative ideas and projects that have been added to the archive. That means we’ll be keeping in touch with the developers and their respective projects so that you can find out here what they are up to and what they have in store for the future. It’ll also contain information on where you can beta test, potential competitions to win limited prototypes, unique videos, interviews with the developers and more.

All information will be mostly unique and sourced from the developers themselves, so apart from general information the developer shares themselves, you likely won’t find the content anywhere else. Content consists of and is not limited to; Quotes, Interviews, Articles, Videos, Podcasts and Extras.


How to feature on InnovationCouch

In order to get featured on the InnovationCouch, be it yourself, your company or just your product, it is important that you first have something that is of innovative interest both to us and our readership. This could consist of:

icon-wrench  A new concept / prototype that you’ve trailed, tested and has proven to work

  An active product in progression stage (Pilot, Alpha, Beta or Released stage)

  Creative innovators (Musicians, artists, photographers, writers and more)

InnovationCouch endeavours to archive and update on creative individual, groups and organisations who seek to change the world as we know it.


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If you have an interesting project / organisation and would like to have it featured on InnovationCouch please contact us at: question@rootnotion.com or visit our Contact Us Page.