We are the crazy folks that make up Rootnotion.
Together we aspire to learn more, see every element
of the world and experience it with the touch of our fingers.

Join The Team

We are currently on the search for budding and talented journalists and bloggers who wish to be part of something special. We will be kept busy looking for new articles to write about, people to interview and the latest innovations to see and try for ourselves.

Working with Rootnotion is more than just a job, it’s first and foremost about exploring your inner creativity, wanting to have fun and wanting to be part of something. It’s also a stepping stone towards any career goals you may have.

We want to be considered a family as opposed to just colleagues, which means joining us on excursions, social events and being there with us to see, touch and try the latest innovations.

If this adventure interests you, get in touch. There are plenty of ways to make a name for yourself and get involved.

Things are only just beginning so there’s an exciting journey ahead of you just waiting to be explored, and for you to unleash your talents and creative flair.


  • Become a popular blogger
  • Become the face of our youtube channel
  • Become the reviewer to go to and trust
  • Be the competition hoster
  • Be the spokesperson for any presentations we may have
  • More positions are always arising, so contact us below. We want to hear from you.

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